Cosmoset produces and merchandize for the business at wholesale prices


Cosmoset specializes in the furniture field since 1994 in a privately owned area in Thermi, Thessaloniki and its shop and showroom in Voulgari str., Thessaloniki.

By its foundation the company has a constant development resulting from the increase to its sales and the market share it possesses.

The main characteristic of Cosmoset is the creation of furniture compositions according to the personal needs and demands of each client, which will produce the most of their benefit and offer them the best cost – profit balance.

At the same time Cosmoset signed an exclusive partnership with AGT and specializes in the transformation process of MDF furniture profile cover with PVC. For the transformation process Cosmoset has established a production unit and offers its products to the industry professionals.

Today Cosmoset represents the Italian brand of RECORD e’ cucine, and offers to its costumers products and models with high standards of knowledge, quality and design